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Using Resume Data to Identify Skilled Technical Candidates

Every summer, the Biocomplexity Institute’s Social and Decision Analytics Division’s Data Science for the Public Good (DSPG) Young Scholars program draws university students from around the country to work together on projects that use computational expertise to address critical social issues faced by local, regional, state or federal governments. The students conduct research at the […]

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Tags: Biocomplexity Institute, DPSG, Methods in Action, Resume Data, Workforce

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Methods in Action: Measuring Online Conversation to Track Mental Health During COVID

The big idea Social media posts and news reports are rich sources of data about people’s attitudes and behaviors. Using artificial intelligence techniques, it’s possible to sift through billions of words to discern trends in a population’s well-being, or social quality. Performing this analysis during the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the damage the pandemic is […]

Categories: Online Research

Tags: Coronavirus, Mental Health, Methods in Action, Social media research

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Social Media Data Often Fails in Gauging Public Opinion

We often consider social media as a tool which, among other things, gives us direct insight to the views and positions of voters. But blind spots are plentiful. Joseph Cabosky discusses multiple reasons why social media data can often fail in gauging public opinion.

Categories: Quantitative, Social Issues

Tags: Methods in Action, Political Science, Social Media, The Conversation, Voting

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Big Data Uncovers Prevalence of Gender Inequality in Creative World

The term “big data” may bring to mind swaths of private information held by tech companies. But lots of big data is, in fact, visible to all – we just may not think of it as “data.” If you’ve been to the movies recently, you will have seen a dataset of credits – listing the […]

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Tags: Creative Industry, Methods in Action, The Conversation

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Qualitative Research & Policy Studies: Articles

Qualitative Approaches to Policy Research in Education: Contesting the Evidence-Based, Neoliberal Regime (Kerrigan & Johnson, 2018) Abstract: This issue highlights problems with the neoliberal research regime in education policy—one that marginalizes, homogenizes, and dismisses communities, critical voices, and methodologies that could improve educational practice. We argue for greater methodological diversity in policy studies when engaging […]

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Qualitative Research & Policy Studies: Interview with Editors

JS. In the introduction to this special issue, you state: “These political and discursive interventions in education, however, are not solely to blame for the dismissal of qualitative inquiry. Some of this blame must be apportioned to researchers themselves.” Can you make suggestions for researchers who want to conduct qualitative or mixed methods research, but fear […]

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We Looked at 4 Million Pitches to See How Many Mistakes Umpires Make

Baseball is back, and fans can anticipate another season of amazing catches, overpowering pitching, tape-measure home runs – and, yes, controversial calls that lead to blow-ups between umpires and players. Home plate umpires are at the heart of baseball; every single pitch can require a judgment call. Yet ask any fan or player, and they’ll […]

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Sampling Flaws Upset 2016 Election Polling Predictions

In statistics, a random sample is the cornerstone of any analysis. By ‘random,’ statisticians mean that the units of analysis (often people) are selected blindfold from the target population the researcher would like to say something about. When polling political party preferences, random samples are also used, but sometimes things go wrong because the population […]

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Tags: Methods in Action, Polling

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Methods in Action: Pioneering Work Inside Immigrant Detection Centers

Immigrants are driving the narrative in politics in Western democracies, whether it’s background to the Brexit debate, a key plank in the Trump campaign or a failed strategy in the French presidential election. What often fails to win as many headlines is the story of the immigrants themselves, especially those detained and awaiting deportation. Criminologist […]

Categories: Qualitative

Tags: Methods in Action

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Methods in Action: Participatory Action Research

Mary M. Somerville approaches leadership in her role as university librarian using participatory design, which creates learning systems and professional practices that support information sharing and knowledge creation for informed action throughout the workplace. This in turn creates fertile conditions for workplace learning, she happily explains, for and with other campus stakeholders. She explains that […]

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Tags: Action Research, Libraries, Methods in Action, Participatory Action Research

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