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Methods in Action: Meeting the Syrian Refugee Women of Beirut

I crawled into my bed at my flat-share in Beirut, shattered from a day of intense focus groups with women who had left their homes in war-torn Syria to seek refuge in the city. For ease of organisation, we had arranged three over the course of one day. The difficulty was that once a group […]

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Big Data Takes on the Bard

Christopher Marlowe, 16th-century playwright and contemporary of Shakespeare, is to be given co-writing credit alongside Shakespeare for the Henry VI trilogy in the New Oxford Shakespeare edition of the Bard’s collected works. This decision follows computerised textual analysis of the plays by a group of researchers led by Gary Taylor of Florida State University – […]

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Methods in Action: Creative Visual Methods

prime enemy of the best research is ‘the expectation.’ Researchers expect certain results or answers, and by Jove, they find them. Or they are familiar with the research terrain, and grow complacent in what they look for (or ignore what’s before their noses). If only someone could, as the old cliché goes, ‘draw a picture’ […]

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Methods in Action: The Ethics of Studying Online Comments

  A lot of electronic ink has been spilled on the subject of online commenting, especially as a number of high-profile media outlets in the last three years have decided the experiment in ‘direct-er’ democracy has not been worth the appalling abuse often perpetrated by commenters. A lot of that ink has come from academics […]

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Methods in Action: Using Big Data to Help Redress the Flint Water Crisis

By Jacob Abernethy and Eric Schwartz The water crisis in Flint, Michigan highlights a number of serious problems: a public health outbreak, inadequate urban infrastructure, environmental injustice and political failures. But when it comes to recovery, the central challenge, and one that has received relatively little attention, is our lack of useful information and understanding. […]

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Tags: Big Data, Methods in Action, The Conversation

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Methods in Action: Teaching Using Case Studies

ong a staple of business schools, the case study has shown an affinity for teaching research methodology, too. Just ask MethodSpace’s own Janet Salmons, who in addition to being a blogger here is the dissertation chair and qualitative methodologist for Walden University, co-director of Path to Publishing – and the author of the SAGE Research […]

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Tags: Case Studies, Janet Salmons, Methods in Action, SAGE Research Methods Cases, Teaching

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Methods in Action: Visualizing Social Media Analysis

There’s a lot of hope attached to idea that the use of big data-drivers like social media can create important social science. In a small scale test of that big idea, software developers, requirements engineers and social scientists collaborated to see if they could make practical use of Twitter to learn about patient experiences of […]

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Tags: Data Visualization, Methods in Action

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Methods in Action: Mylynn Felt on Using Data in Qualitative Research

There’s a developing “data gold rush” for social science, and to address it a popular recent paper in the journal Big Data & Society calls for researchers to combine their traditional skills in qualitative methodology with the newly available social media data analytics. As the pell-mell imagery of a gold rush suggests, there are riches […]

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Methods in Action: Participatory and Community Research

Homelessness is a major problem in many global cities, and research on the issue recognizes that urban aspect. But homelessness is not just a problem for cities, as criminologist Michael Young describes in this Methods in Action interview. Young describes his experiences conducting this research, details some of the nuts and bolts of his mixed methods approach, and explains how geography mediates culture in ways that wise researchers need to understand.

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Methods in Action: Tackling the Tweet

MethodSpace’s inaugural webinar ‘Methods in Action: Tackling the Tweet’ took place on April 13th with researchers Luke Sloan and Joshua Tucker. They explained how to conduct Twitter-based research projects while detailing some of the fascinating findings from their labs’ social media research. The archived webinar and answers to some of the questions that couldn’t be answered in the hour appear here.

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Tags: Methods in Action, Social Media, Twitter

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