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Facilitating Group Discussions With Participants on Zoom

MethodSpace will explore phases of the research process throughout 2021. In the first quarter will explore design steps, starting with a January focus on research questions. Of course sometimes the research design has to be revisited when circumstances change. In this post, guest contributor Louise Couceiro discusses steps she took to re-consider how to conduct a […]

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Who Can I Sample on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online microtasking site commonly used for behavioral research. At the same time, MTurk is an open marketplace. This means that the people who use MTurk as researchers and participants constantly change. An important question behavioral scientists often ask is: who is on MTurk and who can I sample there? […]

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Studying Human Behavior During a Pandemic: MTurk

The coronavirus pandemic has changed most things. For behavioral scientists, whose job it is to study human behavior, that includes the nature of data collection. Many researchers are looking for ways to move data collection online. In this blog, we provide an overview of online participant recruitment practices and some advice for getting started with […]

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Methods in Action: Measuring Online Conversation to Track Mental Health During COVID

The big idea Social media posts and news reports are rich sources of data about people’s attitudes and behaviors. Using artificial intelligence techniques, it’s possible to sift through billions of words to discern trends in a population’s well-being, or social quality. Performing this analysis during the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the damage the pandemic is […]

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