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Starter Tips on Sharing Data and Analysis Scripts

Researchers are increasingly encouraged to make their data openly accessible and usable for others but to early-career researchers in particular, this can seem daunting.  Katherine Wood has compiled a short open data starter guide to make the process less overwhelming and help researchers do their bit for reproducibility.

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Conference: Open in Practice: Inspirations, Strategies and Methods for Open Research, University of Reading, 30 March 2017

Louise Corti of the UK Data Archive will be presenting a Parallel session: 50 years of social science data curation at the UK Data Archive: maximising opportunities for data reuse and will be a member of the panel for the concluding panel discussion at the conference Open in Practice: Inspirations, Strategies and Methods for Open Research at the […]

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International Data Week: Readings and Details

Next week will see data scientists from private industry, government and academe gather in Colorado to jointly discuss the ‘data revolution’ for an event known as International Data Week. Themed  “From Big Data to Open Data: Mobilizing the Data Revolution,” the event brings together three data-centered umbrella organizations as hosts working across three key annual […]

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