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Setting Bar Higher Could Fix Replication Crisis

In a trial of a new drug to cure cancer, 44 percent of 50 patients achieved remission after treatment. Without the drug, only 32 percent of previous patients did the same. The new treatment sounds promising, but is it better than the standard? That question is difficult, so statisticians tend to answer a different question. […]

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Statistical Association Takes on Use, Abuse of P-values

Even as it insists it’s not really saying anything new, the American Statistical Association Board of Directors has laid down a marker in the debate over what constitutes “statistical significance.” After months of discussion with a blue-chip panel of experts, the association has laid down six principles about what constitutes good practice when dealing with […]

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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to a Fickle Friend, the P Value?

By Lewis Halsey This article by Lewis Halsey originally appeared at The Conversation under the title “Goodbye P value: is it time to let go of one of science’s most fundamental measures?” How should scientists interpret their data? Emerging from their labs after days, weeks, months, even years spent measuring and recording, how do researchers […]

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