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Anonymizing Software Text Wash Wins Concept Grant

Text Wash, a new software tool that anonymizes personally identifiable text data, making it accessible to social scientists without compromising its usability for research, has just won the SAGE Concept Grant. This year’s award comes to roughly $30,000. Text Wash is being developed by Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes and Toby Davies from the Department of […]

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Research Ethics in an Ethics-Challenged World

Ethics and scholarly research are inextricably linked. But it is not always obvious what ethical research means  and how we go about ensuring that our studies are conducted and disseminated ethically. Alas, we don’t have signposts to follow, in a world where choices for researchers keep evolving.  In this series of Methodspace posts, we’ll explore contemporary […]

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We Can Have Public Safety Databases and Keep Our Privacy

Governments seem to think that the only way to protect national security is to own as much data about the public as possible, but this is not the case. The push in Australia to create a national registry of driving licence photographs has been criticised for breaching privacy principles and creating data security risks. By […]

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Ten Questions to Answer Before Sharing Customer Data

In 2016, a group of University of Melbourne researchers managed to decrypt some data that should have been anonymous. Using publicly available information, the team pulled service provider numbers out of a sample of Pharmaceutical Benefits and Medicare Benefits Schedule data published online by the Australian government. Needless to say, people were worried. But while […]

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When We Talk of Data We’re Really Talking about People, Which Means …

Imagine, if you can, a period long before today’s internet-based connectivity. Imagine that, in that distant time, the populations of every country were offered a new plan. The plan would involve linking up every space of social interaction, most sites of work, a large proportion of private moments of reflection, and a significant proportion of […]

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Big Data: No Free Lunch for Protecting Privacy

The past and future collided last year for the International Year of Statistics, when six professional organizations celebrated the multifaceted role of statistics in contemporary society to raise public awareness of statistics, and to promote thinking about the future of the discipline. The past came in the form of the 300th anniversary of Jacob Bernoulli’s Ars […]

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