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Journal ‘Psychological Science’ Seeking Preregistered Replications

Making a statement in the ongoing “replication” or “reproducibility crisis,” the journal Psychological Science will now accept a special class of research–based papers that report on attempts to re-create experiments that had influential findings and that were first published in Psychological Science. This new category of “preregistered direct replications,” or PDRs, aims “to create conditions […]

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Tags: Preregistered Direct Replication, Psychological Science, Replication, Reproducibility Crisis

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Encouraging Authors to Share Their Data with Reviewers for ‘Psychological Science’

The journal Psychological Science is taking steps to encourage would-be authors to give reviewers easy access to the data underlying the analyses reported in their manuscripts. This is part of a wider effort to promote transparency and replicability in works published in the journal. I discussed the rationale for encouraging authors to share data and […]

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Tags: Center for Open Science, Data Sharing, Psychological Science, Sharing Research, Transparency, Transparency and Openness Promotion

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