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Make Sure Your Book is Findable! Advice on Discoverability

Despite the warnings of digital doomsayers, academic book publishing remains dominated by print. That said, reader behavior has changed and continues to evolve. This is particularly true of how readers discover and read books and chapters. Rather than visiting a library or bookshop in person, readers of scholarly books start their searches online. For publishers, ensuring that books are prominent and visible in such searches is essential to encourage readership and drive citations.

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Editors’ Roles: Relating to Chapter Contributors

Collaboration is a MethodSpace focus for December. We will look at the various types of collaboration that engage researchers and academic writers. Depending on the editor’s style and the purpose of the book, editing a book collection can involve collaboration with contributing writers. Chapters by different authors define the edited book. Once you have selected […]

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It is AcWriMo 2018!

Academic Writing Month is a focus for SAGE MethodSpace in November. The theme for AcWriMo 2018 is: Create a Holistic Publication Strategy. Writing alone is not adequate in today’s visually-oriented and media-saturated world. During AcWriMo we will explore the various ways academics communicate to share ideas and disseminate their research. We will take a holistic […]

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Creative Approach to Studying Social Problems: Lessons from a Popular Case Study

This post was originally part of a series to explore lessons learned from qualitative research articles published in 2017 SAGE journals. The article, “Bridging language barriers, bonding against immigrants: A visual case study of transnational network publics created by far-right activists in Europe,” exemplifies a creative approach to studying and revealing hidden perspectives on a […]

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Covert Research & Consent: Winning Paper

“Reconsidering the Value of Covert Research: The Role of Ambiguous Consent in Participant Observation”  (Roulet, Gill, Stenger, & Gill, 2017) will be awarded best paper for 2017 by the Academy of Management Research Methods division. The study was published in the SAGE journal, Organizational Research Methods, and is open access through this link. This thought-provoking […]

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Revive Old Writing Project, or Let It Die?

No matter how organized or productive we are, sometimes we run out of ideas, enthusiasm, time, or all of the above. The piece of writing we thought would change the world is now gathering dust. In this series of posts, I’ve been exploring issues writers face when they are stymied by incomplete writing projects. Options […]

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Keeping Writing Projects Alive

Has this happened to you? You have brilliant insights and are raring to go on the new writing project, then life happens. The project slips to the bottom of the pile, then you move it off your desk altogether. One day something happens that triggers your memory: oh yeah, I was writing on that topic…where […]

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How to Revive Academic Writing Left for Dead?

We can find endless reasons to set aside a piece of writing. Perhaps we are distracted by another priority or opportunity,  We hit a writers’ block of some kind, and move on to something else. The forces of inertia might hold you back. Or, if we are to be candid, we might just be sick […]

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Renew, Refresh, Reboot, Restart Your Academic Writing

Do any of these complaints sound familiar? (Use the comment area to add your own!) I can’t remember where I wanted to go with this article! My literature is out of date! I don’t have library access so I can’t get new articles! I’ve changed my career goals, and now I don’t want to work […]

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Spotlight: 3 Journals About Research & Technology

April is a good time to explore SAGE journals you may not have had a chance to read. Log in here to browse and download articles. (See this related post for search and navigation tips on the journal hub.) During this open-access month I will be highlighting some of my favorite SAGE journals. This post draws your attention to […]

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