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Q & A: Dissertation to Book?

We received lots of questions in our recent webinar about publishing books, so we’re answering them in a series of posts. This questioner asks about moving from dissertation or thesis to book.

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“Write a Book” Webinar Follow-Up Q & A

Using the tag #AcWriMo, writers around the world discuss their goals and progress, and share resources throughout November.  Find the evolving series here. If you log into MethodSpace, you will be subscribed and receive new posts by email. Lots of questions were posed during the Write a Book! From Acquisition to Publication webinar. Find responses on […]

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Nurturing Researchers Webinar Q & A

More questions were posted than we had time to answer during the during the Nurturing the Researchers of Tomorrow webinar. This is the first of a series of posts in response. Q. I understand that Nicola Pallit’s work was based on postgraduate research. I feel like undergraduate research has been neglected. After all, they will […]

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