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Upcoming Webinar: Transitioning Your Intro Stats Course to R

Here’s a common scenario – you’re responsible for introductions to statistics class and while you want to use R in the class (maybe transitioning from another stats package), you’re hesitant. Maybe you have outstanding questions before you make the leap, or you’re concerned about your own expertise.  Sound familiar? Then consider attending an upcoming webinar, […]

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Archived Webinar: Introduction to R

The rise of big data has given social scientists access to vast datasets. To fully realize this opportunity, many social scientists are changing the way they work and adopting the R programming language to allow for further exploration and analysis. In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Maja Založnik, research fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population […]

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SAGE Advice – For Free (For a Limited Time)

Focusing on skills and collaborations, the SAGE Ocean initiative has just launched a service focused on helping social scientists gain new skills while also working with computational researchers they haven’t collaborated with previously. SAGE Advice connects you, the researcher, with a data science expert with the right technical expertise. Via a 30- or 60-minute online video […]

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Where Should I Start – R or Python?

If you conduct social science research and you are using Stata, SAS, or SPSS, you might be looking to learn how to use some of the new tools on the block. R and Python are the two popular programming languages used by data analysts and data scientists, that provide many more features than the aforementioned […]

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Statistics Resources for Social and Behavioural Sciences: SPSS, R, Maths, and Writing

I have a blog on psychology and statistics that I thought might interest readers on this site. The following provides an overview of research methods related content on the blog with links to individual articles. GENERAL STATISTICS Getting Started: General advice on statistics for a thesis Preliminaries: Normality and transformations Scales: Scale construction; Scale construction […]

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