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Archived Webinar: Introduction to R

The rise of big data has given social scientists access to vast datasets. To fully realize this opportunity, many social scientists are changing the way they work and adopting the R programming language to allow for further exploration and analysis. In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Maja Založnik, research fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population […]

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SAGE Advice – For Free (For a Limited Time)

Focusing on skills and collaborations, the SAGE Ocean initiative has just launched a service focused on helping social scientists gain new skills while also working with computational researchers they haven’t collaborated with previously. SAGE Advice connects you, the researcher, with a data science expert with the right technical expertise. Via a 30- or 60-minute online video […]

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Where Should I Start – R or Python?

If you conduct social science research and you are using Stata, SAS, or SPSS, you might be looking to learn how to use some of the new tools on the block. R and Python are the two popular programming languages used by data analysts and data scientists, that provide many more features than the aforementioned […]

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Statistics Resources for Social and Behavioural Sciences: SPSS, R, Maths, and Writing

I have a blog on psychology and statistics that I thought might interest readers on this site. The following provides an overview of research methods related content on the blog with links to individual articles. GENERAL STATISTICS Getting Started: General advice on statistics for a thesis Preliminaries: Normality and transformations Scales: Scale construction; Scale construction […]

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