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Setting Bar Higher Could Fix Replication Crisis

In a trial of a new drug to cure cancer, 44 percent of 50 patients achieved remission after treatment. Without the drug, only 32 percent of previous patients did the same. The new treatment sounds promising, but is it better than the standard? That question is difficult, so statisticians tend to answer a different question. […]

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Journal ‘Psychological Science’ Seeking Preregistered Replications

Making a statement in the ongoing “replication” or “reproducibility crisis,” the journal Psychological Science will now accept a special class of research–based papers that report on attempts to re-create experiments that had influential findings and that were first published in Psychological Science. This new category of “preregistered direct replications,” or PDRs, aims “to create conditions […]

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A Primer on p Hacking

  There is a replicability crisis in science – unidentified “false positives” are pervading even our top research journals. A false positive is a claim that an effect exists when in actuality it doesn’t. No one knows what proportion of published papers contain such incorrect or overstated results, but there are signs that the proportion […]

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Statistics” Crisis of Reproducibility

The past and future collided last year for the International Year of Statistics, when six professional organizations celebrated the multifaceted role of statistics in contemporary society to raise public awareness of statistics, and to promote thinking about the future of the discipline. The past came in the form of the 300th anniversary of Jacob Bernoulli’s Ars conjectandi (Art […]

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