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SAGE Campus Expands to Online Learning for Skills and Research Methods

Libraries can now subscribe to the new platform for institution-wide access SAGE Publishing, the parent of MethodSpace, has announced that SAGE Campus is expanding. The online learning platform began with a focus on data science courses, but are broadening our horizons to offer high quality support for the teaching and learning of a wide range […]

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Tips for Switching to Teaching Online: Archived Webinar

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many universities around the world are having to switch to online teaching and remote learning at scale and at speed. To support faculty in this big and disruptive change, SAGE Campus is hosting a series of webinars on “Top Tips for Switching to Teaching Remotely.” The first webinar, which […]

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‘Research Design in Social Data Science’ and ‘Collecting Social Media Data’ Courses Launch Soon

SAGE Campus is launching two new courses to our suite of online data science courses for social scientists. The new short courses, Research Design in Social Data Science and Collecting Social Media Data, are aimed at those studying, teaching or working in social science disciplines who are looking to take their first steps toward working […]

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Free Paper: Using Lean Methods to Build Effective E-Learning Solutions

The teaching and learning of social research methods, and quantitative skills in particular, is of growing importance. Several high-profile capacity-building initiatives, such as Nuffield and the ESRC’s Q-Step initiative in the UK, have launched in recent years with an aim of improving research skills of postgraduates and undergraduates. This SAGE white paper is co-authored by […]

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Archived Webinar: A Social Science Perspective on Data Science

In this archived webinar, Claudia von Vacano and Geoff Bacon, both at the University of California, Berkeley D-Lab and both instructors for SAGE Campus’s “Introduction to Data Science for Social Scientists” course discuss why data science is important to the social sciences, and what social scientists add to this vibrant conversation in the webinar. This […]

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Three Basic Steps of Quantitative Text Analysis

Quantitative text analysis, or QTA, is the automated, systematic method for processing large amounts of text. This means we can easily carry out tasks such as extracting policy positions from election manifestos or speeches, or even study attitudes or emotion in newspaper articles. The common focus across all methods used in QTA is that they […]

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Three Benefits of Interactive Visualization

Data in a table or spreadsheet is valuable, but as human beings, seeing patterns or being able to summarize tabular data can be challenging. Visualizations allow us to do exactly that – create a visual representation of the data, giving us a chance to see it and interpret complex data efficiently at a glance. Now, […]

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Jason Jackson on Introduction to Python for Social Scientists

Dr. Jason Jackson is an independent scientist and director of Jackson Research Institute. He recently completed the SAGE Campus “Introduction to Python for Social Scientists” course and has shared his insight on the role that data science plays in the future research, and how he to intends to use his new Python skills. This post originally appeared […]

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Big Data and Social Research Roundup No. 14

This month’s issue of SAGE’s Big Data Newsletter includes a 25 percent discount for the SAGE Campus online data science course on Practical Data Management with R for Social Scientists (use the discount code dsnewsletter). SAGE Campus serves researchers itching to work with large datasets, such as it debut class, Introduction to Python. The reviews so far have been […]

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Big Data and Social Research Roundup No. 13

SAGE Campus is SAGE’s new online data science courses for social scientists aimed at helping researchers gain the skills they need to embrace the data revolution. We’ve talked about SAGE Campus before at MethodSpace, and this issue of the the big data newsletter includes a special code for a 25 percent discount on the classes. Just […]

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