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Anonymizing Software Text Wash Wins Concept Grant

Text Wash, a new software tool that anonymizes personally identifiable text data, making it accessible to social scientists without compromising its usability for research, has just won the SAGE Concept Grant. This year’s award comes to roughly $30,000. Text Wash is being developed by Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes and Toby Davies from the Department of […]

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Virtual Reality: The Future of Experimental Social Research?

This post originally appeared on the SAGE Ocean blog. Experimental psychology, props and actors In the second half of the 19th century, Wilhelm Wundt established the first ever experimental psychology lab. This marked a turning point in the subfields of social science related to human behavior, perception, memory, cognition, and learning. Many followed Wundt’s lead, […]

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Learn Data Science Methods That Will Enhance Your Research

We’re pleased to announce that we are launching new courses for the summer. Our latest data science courses are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about computational social science methods and working with big data. You will learn about data science methods, ethics and tools and learn how to code. To celebrate the coming […]

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Grants Offered Computational Social Science Software Developers

A grant program that provides early stage funding for innovative software ideas that support social science researchers working with big data and new technology is now accepting applications. The first Concept Grants from SAGE Ocean – an initiative from SAGE Publishing to support computational social science — were awarded in March. The three awardees were […]

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SAGE Ocean Speaker Series Debuts with Taxing Subject

SAGE Ocean, the new SAGE Publishing initiative to to support social science by equipping social scientists with the skills, tools and resources needed to work with big data and new technology, will be hosting a series of free events throughout 2018 to explore the intersection of social science, big data and technology. Their first event […]

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