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Academic Writing for Social Good

Research for Social Good is a MethodSpace focus for October. We will dig into this broad topic with guest posts, interviews, and links to articles or instructional resources. Researching and writing are complementary activities. It is hard to be engaged with research without writing– whether we are scribbling reflections in a research journal, or generating a book, chapter, […]

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Covert Research & Consent: Winning Paper

“Reconsidering the Value of Covert Research: The Role of Ambiguous Consent in Participant Observation”  (Roulet, Gill, Stenger, & Gill, 2017) will be awarded best paper for 2017 by the Academy of Management Research Methods division. The study was published in the SAGE journal, Organizational Research Methods, and is open access through this link. This thought-provoking […]

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Highlights & Papers: International Conference on Social Media and Society

In this series of posts we are sharing resources and ideas presented at summer festivals. Can’t fly around the world to attend? No worries–  MethodSpace readers can learn from the presentations and related resources made available online. Today we will pay a virtual visit to the 2018 International Conference on Social Media and Society was held in […]

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RMF Highlight: How to read and write critically

The Economic and Social Research Center is hosting the biennial Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath this week. If you aren’t able to attend in person, enjoy this series of posts. Today Mike Wallace and Alison Wray presented a session titled: “How to read and write critically.” Wallace and Wray are authors of […]

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Renew, Refresh, Reboot, Restart Your Academic Writing

Do any of these complaints sound familiar? (Use the comment area to add your own!) I can’t remember where I wanted to go with this article! My literature is out of date! I don’t have library access so I can’t get new articles! I’ve changed my career goals, and now I don’t want to work […]

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Universities Network for Climate Capacity: New Way for Researchers to Work with the UN

SAGE MethodSpace is a place where you can learn about trends in research, and ways research can contribute to a better world. Over the next couple of weeks, while the United Nations Bonn Climate Change Conference is underway, we will be sharing news about researchers who are contributing to this important event. Register on MethodSpace […]

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Journal Spotlight: Management Learning

  Management is relevant beyond business; learning continues beyond student life. The Management Learning journal offers scholarship that extends beyond the typical research articles about challenges and strategies associated with running a business. Recent articles cover diverse topics of contemporary interest such as entrepreneurship, ethics, sustainability, pedagogy, and culture. In this editorial, Emma Bell and Todd […]

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Journal Spotlight: Business & Society

April is a good time to explore SAGE journals you may not have had a chance to read. Log in here to browse and download articles. (See related post for search and navigation tips on the journal hub.) During this open-access month I will be highlighting some of my favorite SAGE journals, starting with Business & Society. […]

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Using Elicitation in Multimodal Studies

Multimodal studies use more than one type of data. To draw meaning from varied types, researchers might use more than one method to collect and analyze data. While the term mixed methods is used to describe studies that draw from both qualitative and quantitative research paradigms, the term multimethod refers to studies that use more […]

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Academic ≠ Boring: Presenting Your Research

November is Academic Writing Month #AcWriMo at Methodspace! This post was part of the 2017 #AcWriMo series. The theme of week five was: Publishing and Presenting. You write about your ideas, research, and findings. But sometimes you also need to present your research. Presentations might include conferences or meetings of professional societies, in face-to-face or online […]

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