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Building a Social Network in the Field

Practical Considerations to Facilitate Data Collection Perhaps no other dimension of qualitative research work is associated with ambiguity, uncertainty, confusion, and complexity more than fieldwork.  One way to regulate these issues—to support more predictable experiences in the course of a study—is to strengthen relationships associated with events in the field.  On one side, faculty and […]

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SAGE Advice – For Free (For a Limited Time)

Focusing on skills and collaborations, the SAGE Ocean initiative has just launched a service focused on helping social scientists gain new skills while also working with computational researchers they haven’t collaborated with previously. SAGE Advice connects you, the researcher, with a data science expert with the right technical expertise. Via a 30- or 60-minute online video […]

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Adapting Social Network Analysis to Age of Big Data

“Social networks,” reads a passage in the new book, Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples, “have been a defining feature of society since the early dawn of humanity – people have always interacted with each other or have made friends of enemies.” But the widespread use of the term “social network” is a creature of […]

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