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Upcoming Webinar: Transitioning Your Intro Stats Course to R

Here’s a common scenario – you’re responsible for introductions to statistics class and while you want to use R in the class (maybe transitioning from another stats package), you’re hesitant. Maybe you have outstanding questions before you make the leap, or you’re concerned about your own expertise.  Sound familiar? Then consider attending an upcoming webinar, […]

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Understanding Inferential Statistics and Descriptive Statistics

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting with data can be daunting. The person that SAGE Publishing — the parent of MethodSpace — turns to when it has questions is Diana Aleman – editor extraordinaire for SAGE Stats and U.S. Political Stats. And now she is bringing her trials, tribulations, and expertise with data to you in this […]

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More on Power, Sample Size, and Power Calculations

More on Power, Sample Size, and Power Calculations Of the variables that affect power, you can see that sample size gives you the most flexibility, as people are not in the habit of changing either the alpha level of .05, nor can you switch from a two-tailed to a one-tailed test (the use of a […]

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Bootstrap Method Wins Efron International Prize in Statistics

The International Prize in Statistics has been awarded to Bradley Efron, professor of statistics and biomedical data science at Stanford University, in recognition of the “bootstrap,” a method he developed in 1977 for assessing the uncertainty of scientific results that has had extraordinary impact across many scientific fields. With the bootstrap (described by Efron below), […]

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