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The Best Tools for Using Twitter as a Data Source

Although platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp have more active users, Twitter’s unique infrastructure and the near-total availability of its data have ensured its popularity among researchers remains high. In this post from the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog, Wasim Ahmed offers his rundown of the tools available to social scientists looking to analyse social media data.

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#AcWriMo Tweetchats

Academic Writing Month #AcWriMo- Let’s chat! SAGE Methodspace and the Textbook & Academic Authors Association are co-hosting a series of Tweetchats for exchange of ideas and resources about academic writing and publishing. All are welcome– whether you are actively participating or just looking for encouragement for your own writing projects. TAA is the only association […]

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ACWRIMO at Methodspace

Our research comes to fruition when we share our findings. We might hope to advance the scholarship in our fields, uncover new questions, demonstrate the use of emerging methods, or discover something that makes the world a better place—but nothing will be accomplished if we keep what we’ve learned in a file buried on our […]

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Fifty Shades of Twitter Research (It Ain’t Black and White)

In the age of social media, Twitter provides unprecedented opportunities for social researchers to listen to millions of voices, observe millions of interactions and gain new insights in our social world. This has implications for research practices, policy decisions and everyday life. But as with all research, methods matter. Luke Sloan, co-editor of the recently […]

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Our Twitter Emotions Tool Predicted the Trump Victory

As the world dissects the how and why of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, pollsters are already coming under severe criticism for getting it so wrong. But a tool we created that analysed emotions towards the two candidates on Twitter accurately predicted the result. Unlike other poll predictors that just take a snapshot in time, our […]

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Methods in Action: Mylynn Felt on Using Data in Qualitative Research

There’s a developing “data gold rush” for social science, and to address it a popular recent paper in the journal Big Data & Society calls for researchers to combine their traditional skills in qualitative methodology with the newly available social media data analytics. As the pell-mell imagery of a gold rush suggests, there are riches […]

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Methods in Action: Tackling the Tweet

MethodSpace’s inaugural webinar ‘Methods in Action: Tackling the Tweet’ took place on April 13th with researchers Luke Sloan and Joshua Tucker. They explained how to conduct Twitter-based research projects while detailing some of the fascinating findings from their labs’ social media research. The archived webinar and answers to some of the questions that couldn’t be answered in the hour appear here.

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Methods in Action: Social Media Surveys

Social media opens new doors in social and behavioral science research methods, but like all research, nothing is a given, In this interview, Torgeir Aleti explains his group’s efforts to use Twitter to learn more about young Australians’ drinking habits, and the hard lessons they drew from the experience while trying to preserve the integrity, both design and ethical, of their research.

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