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Creative & Arts-Based Methods: Focus for June & July

We’ll build on the May theme of visuals and visualizations by looking at a wide range of creative & arts-based research methods in June and July. We’ll explore all stages of research, from design to dissemination and look at examples that use qualitative, quantitative, multimodal, and mixed methods. Follow the unfolding series through this link, […]

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Tags: Visual Methods, Visualize

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Visual Data Collection meets Data Visualization

Researchers can start visualizing data from the beginning of the study by using visual methods to collect visual data. Technology tools help us capture and analyze visual exchanges with participants.

Categories: Creative Methods, Data Analysis, Data Collection, Focus Series, Multimodal, Participatory Methods, Qualitative, Research, Uncategorised, Visuals

Tags: Janet Salmons, Visual Methods, Visualize

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Creative Approach to Studying Social Problems: Lessons from a Popular Case Study

This post was originally part of a series to explore lessons learned from qualitative research articles published in 2017 SAGE journals. The article, “Bridging language barriers, bonding against immigrants: A visual case study of transnational network publics created by far-right activists in Europe,” exemplifies a creative approach to studying and revealing hidden perspectives on a […]

Categories: Creative Methods, Focus Series, Methods Type, Mixed, Qualitative, Social Issues, Tools and Resources, Uncategorised, Visuals

Tags: Case Studies, Janet Salmons, Publishing, Social Good, Social Media, Visual Methods

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Using Elicitation in Multimodal Studies

Multimodal studies use more than one type of data. To draw meaning from varied types, researchers might use more than one method to collect and analyze data. While the term mixed methods is used to describe studies that draw from both qualitative and quantitative research paradigms, the term multimethod refers to studies that use more […]

Categories: Methods Type, Multimodal, Qualitative, Teaching, Tools and Resources, Uncategorised

Tags: Interview Research, Janet Salmons, Sharing Research, Visual Methods

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Multimodal Qualitative Research to Study Complex Problems

Do you experience the world through different perceptual modes? Think about how you started your day. Did you savor the first sip of coffee and taste of tart berries in creamy yogurt? Did you notice the natural world – signs of the changing seasons, birdsong or new leaves? Did you create your own soundscape with […]

Categories: Multimodal, Qualitative, Research, Uncategorised, Visuals

Tags: Aural Methods, Janet Salmons, Multimodal, Visual Methods

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Visual Methods Resources on SRM

This series of posts corresponds to the 2018 SAGE Research Methods Open House. If you would like to access the SAGE e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets mentioned in these posts, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial. We increasingly share our thoughts visually, given that phones and devices now make it easy […]

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Tags: Janet Salmons, Open House, Visual Methods, Visualize

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Three Benefits of Interactive Visualization

Data in a table or spreadsheet is valuable, but as human beings, seeing patterns or being able to summarize tabular data can be challenging. Visualizations allow us to do exactly that – create a visual representation of the data, giving us a chance to see it and interpret complex data efficiently at a glance. Now, […]

Categories: Big Data, Tools and Resources

Tags: Data Visualization, SAGE Campus, Visual Methods

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