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Introducing the Get Creative Webinar Panel: Melissa Nolas

will be a panelist for the upcoming webinar, where she will share an example of creative multimodal methods utilized in the Childhood Publics study. Join us and learn more about these truly creative approaches for studying sensitive topics with young participants.

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Graphical & Video Abstracts: An Interview with Tullio Rossi

Dr. Tullio Rossi of Animate Your Science points out, visuals help us reach across disciplines and across academia-public divides to find new readers. Rossi advocates for graphical and video abstracts as a visual communication strategy. Dr. Rossi discussed ideas and examples in this interview.

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About Data Visualizations: Line Graphs

What is a line graph? From news articles to math class, line graphs show up everywhere, so it’s important to understand them. A line graph is a data visualization type used to track how values change over time. They are particularly useful for tracking trends, which help us more quickly and easily determine when data […]

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Graphical Abstract Examples

Academia has a problem. Seven thousand papers are published every day and let’s face it; no one has the time to read abstract after abstract to find the research that they’re seeking.

Here’s where Graphical Abstracts come in. A graphical abstract is a visual summary of a written abstract, aiming to quickly and clearly convey the key message.

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Creative & Arts-Based Methods: Focus for June & July

We’ll build on the May theme of visuals and visualizations by looking at a wide range of creative & arts-based research methods in June and July. We’ll explore all stages of research, from design to dissemination and look at examples that use qualitative, quantitative, multimodal, and mixed methods. Follow the unfolding series through this link, […]

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