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How to Write, Evaluate, and Use Methodological Literature Reviews

There is a genuine hunger among the social and behavioral scientists for how-to information. Today, Business and Management INK brings you an essay from the president-elect of the Academy of Management, Herman Aguinis from the George Washington University Business School’s Department of Management; Ravi S. Ramani, an assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resource […]

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Making Sense of The Knowledge Explosion with Knowledge Mapping

Two years ago, when Bernadette Wright and Steve Wallis were working on their book, Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Evaluation, they contributed this guest post to introduce a Knowledge Mapping approach. There has been a vast explosion in the number of academic publications – journals, articles, posts, and books of all kinds. So much […]

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Editors’ Roles: Relating to Chapter Contributors

Collaboration is a MethodSpace focus for December. We will look at the various types of collaboration that engage researchers and academic writers. Depending on the editor’s style and the purpose of the book, editing a book collection can involve collaboration with contributing writers. Chapters by different authors define the edited book. Once you have selected […]

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Write with Purpose, Publish for Impact

Think about the messages you want to convey with your published writings. Publications can help open new doors and build new networks— so it is important to think about which doors and networks you hope to discover. This collection, originally posted on SAGE MethodSpace and the Textbook and Academic Authors Association blog Abstract, can help you reflect on the best options and move forward.

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Six Things We’ve Learned About Academic Writing Productivity (and Satisfaction)

For the ambitious academic, focus fixed on producing world-changing research, feeling happy about your writing process might only be a secondary concern, at best. But the interim findings of our survey questioning the writing “habits” of academics – now with 510 responses from over 40 countries – indicate that writing satisfaction is strongly linked to […]

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It is AcWriMo 2018!

Academic Writing Month is a focus for SAGE MethodSpace in November. The theme for AcWriMo 2018 is: Create a Holistic Publication Strategy. Writing alone is not adequate in today’s visually-oriented and media-saturated world. During AcWriMo we will explore the various ways academics communicate to share ideas and disseminate their research. We will take a holistic […]

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More About Academic Writing for Social Good

Research for Social Good is a MethodSpace focus for October. We will dig into this broad topic with guest posts, interviews, and links to articles or instructional resources. What does academic writing for social good mean? Find food for thought and open access examples on two related posts.  Academic Writers Tackle Social Issues is on the Textbook and Academic Authors […]

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Keeping Writing Projects Alive

Has this happened to you? You have brilliant insights and are raring to go on the new writing project, then life happens. The project slips to the bottom of the pile, then you move it off your desk altogether. One day something happens that triggers your memory: oh yeah, I was writing on that topic…where […]

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How to Revive Academic Writing Left for Dead?

We can find endless reasons to set aside a piece of writing. Perhaps we are distracted by another priority or opportunity,  We hit a writers’ block of some kind, and move on to something else. The forces of inertia might hold you back. Or, if we are to be candid, we might just be sick […]

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Renew, Refresh, Reboot, Restart Your Academic Writing

Do any of these complaints sound familiar? (Use the comment area to add your own!) I can’t remember where I wanted to go with this article! My literature is out of date! I don’t have library access so I can’t get new articles! I’ve changed my career goals, and now I don’t want to work […]

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Letters as Data

What better time to consider research purposes letters can fulfill? Barton and Hall (2000) observed that “letter writing is one of the most pervasive literate activities in human societies” (p. 1) They point to the importance of letterwriting as a phenomenon has been widespread globally and historically, as one of the earliest forms of writing. […]

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