Teaching & learning online? Two new podcasts & a book

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This month MethodSpace will focus on emerging and online research methods– emerging ideas about research and how we can keep conducting inquiries during the pandemic. You will find interviews with innovative authors and researchers, original posts, and open-access resources through this link.

To help her education students and others catapulted into online teaching and learning, my colleague Narelle Lemon started a podcast: Teachers Supporting Teachers. Given that I was an early adopter for online education, she asked me to participate. The results of our conversation is are now online in two podcast episodes. While these podcasts do not address research instruction specifically, I think the points made are relevant when teaching methods and engaging student researchers.

Two Podcasts about Teaching Online

Follow the links to find them on Spotify, Apple, and other podcast sites.

Episode 13: Online Learning & Social, Cognitive & Teacher Presence

Episode 14: Leaving a Legacy as a Teacher During Covid-19

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Peer Collaboration & Research

Mindfulness & Research for Social Good

New Book and Tips about Learning Online

If you are on the other side of the monitor as a student, you might be interested in this new book. Learning online requires more than the ability to navigate technology. You need to be able to understand expectations and assessment protocols, organize and manage work more independently, participate thoughtfully, and communicate respectfully. The book is written as a guide and workbook, so you can use it to analyze and manage your own online learning coursework. Online faculty might find it of interest too, when trying to design and plan engaging class activities and assignments.

The Super Quick Guide to Learning Online is available in ebook and paperback editions here. Find my Top 10 Tips for Learning Online to get started.

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