Teaching Methods? New Glossary from NCRM

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Critical & Creative ThinkingCritical and creative thinking in the research context is a MethodSpace focus this month. Importantly, we need to find ways to prepare the next generation of researchers to understand, develop, and use these skills. This means using instructional approaches that invite students to explore deeply and come up with new interpretations of course subject matter. However, those who have not studied teaching and learning theory are sometimes unfamiliar with the kinds of pedagogies that engage students in ways that prepare them to design and conduct research. Sarah Lewthwaite observed:

Research methods teachers often come from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and methodological orientations. Consequently, a lack of shared pedagogic language – terms for the approaches and strategies in teaching – mean it can be difficult to discuss and deepen teaching practice.

pedagogyThe UK National Centre for Research Methods’ project on The Pedagogy of Methodological Learning has posted a resource that can help. The New Quick Start Guide: A Glossary for Methods Teachers is available for download. Related articles and guides can be found here. To stay in touch, subscribe to the email list.






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