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The MethodSpace focus for August 2019 was on teaching research methods. You can find the series and related posts here.

If you are a MethodSpace regular, you know that posts often include embedded Reading Lists. These lists include e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets available to read or download from SAGE Research Methods. SAGE Research Methods is a library-within-a-library, a subscription-based component of many academic digital libraries.

Reading Lists are my favorite feature of SRM.

I was a beta tester for SRM when it was first released. I immediately gravitated to the Reading List feature, which allows you to collect resources into lists that can be made public or kept private. You can continue to add and update lists as you find more resources. You can see others’ public lists, and add relevant resources to your own. Reading Lists can be shared through email, a persistent link, or embedded into a website.

I create “private” lists for my own use, so I can collect resources I want to use for a particular project. I curate over 80 “public” lists– most of them started when I was teaching and guiding student researchers. I found Reading Lists to be a time-efficient way to share supplementary readings for course assignments, or targeted readings for students engaged in research design. If you search for my name you can find and use all of these lists. (Research Tools>Reading Lists>Salmons) Feel free to poach from these lists to create your own! If you have lists to share, feel free to post them in the comment area.

Two Posts about Teaching with Reading Lists

The following two posts contain suggestions for creating and using SRM Reading Lists for your own research purposes, or for your work with students.

5 Ways to Use SRM Reading Lists 4 Teaching Methods –
Reading Lists are a feature of the SAGE Research Methods library. This social bookmarking tool allows you to create and share lists of resources, including e-books or book chapters, articles, case studies, videos, or datasets. See how-to steps here, and an example here.

SRM Social Bookmarking with Reading Lists –
What are “Reading Lists?” This post will explain how Reading Lists work and in subsequent posts I will explore ways to use them in teaching, guiding researchers, or building community around a research topic, method, or discipline.

Learn more about SRM:  A Primer on Getting the Most out of SAGE Research Methods. If your library doesn’t offer SRM, you would like to access the SAGE resources mentioned in this post, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial.

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