Teaching Research Methods: Focus for August

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Focus for August: Teaching Research Methods
Teaching and learning about research methods, in and out of the classroom.

The MethodSpace focus for August is teaching research methods. We will follow on in September, with a focus on mentoring, supervising, and guiding researchers.

Instruction on research methods can occur in the classroom, in college or university courses. We learn about research methods in methods courses as well as in subject matter courses. We study the literature and try to understand how thought leaders in our fields built on or rejected previous research and how they came to their conclusions. We learn-by-doing through course assignments and projects that ask us to conduct formal or informal research. As Masters and doctoral students, we learn in the trial-by-fire process necessary to generate a successful dissertation or thesis. But we can’t stop once we have completed the academic degree. As savvy researchers know, we need to be lifelong learners because research methods is a dynamic, evolving set of ideas, theories, approaches, and procedures. We need opportunities to learn from and with each other in order to stay apprised of developments in the field.

Learn with us through posts and a webinar!

In this MethodSpace series we will explore strategies for teaching and learning research methods, in and out of the academic classroom. This series will be relevant to students and faculty, novice and experienced researchers.

In addition to original posts and links to resources, we are hosting the second MethodSpace Live webinar.

Learn from and with experienced research faculty and advisers!

Nurturing the Researchers of Tomorrow features an experienced global panel of presenters. I will offer a brief overview, followed by short presentations by each panelist. We will then discuss topics raised by panelists and participants. As we did with the first webinar on Creative Research, MethodSpace posts throughout August and September will introduce the panelists and their work, and offer background related to teaching research methods and guiding researchers. After the webinar we will post a link to the recording and respond to any questions we weren’t about to answer during the event.

Register now for the webinar on September 12. Find the time in your zone here.

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