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The MethodSpace focus for August is on teaching research methods, continuing in September, with resources on mentoring, supervising, and guiding researchers. You can find the whole series here, including information about the September 12 webinar,”Nurturing the Researchers of Tomorrow.” Register now and find the time in your zone here.

Teach and Learn Anywhere with Podcasts

Research in Action is a terrific resource from Oregon State University’s Ecampus Research Unit. Katie Linder, RIA Director, finds and interviews smart, interesting trailblazers. Get your headphones on and enjoy!

Research in Action is a terrific resource from Oregon State University’s Ecampus Research Unit. Katie Linder, RIA Director, finds and interviews smart, interesting trailblazers. With notes and instructor guides for each podcast, they are excellent for classroom, seminar, or other teaching and learning purposes. Get your headphones on and enjoy!

RIA # 169: Dr. Helen Kara on Research Ethics Understanding how to be an ethical researcher is essential for new and experienced researchers. Learn from Helen, author of the practical Research Ethics in the Real World. MethodSpace readers know her from previous posts the recent webinar on creative research.

RIA #33: Dr. Inger Mewburn on Supporting & Training New Researchers and RIA #22: Dr. Katie Linder on What You Wish You Had Known About Research Ideas for preparing new researchers from Inger Mewburn, whose blog The Thesis Whisperer is widely respected, and from Katie Linder.

RIA # 128: Dr. Jesse Nelson on Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education and RIA # 88: Dr. Asao B. Inoue on Writing Assessment as Anti-racist Practice These podcast will be of interest to administrators, faculty, and students who are committed to inclusion.

RIA # 124: Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh on Emotions and Teaching Research, especially at the doctoral level, is high-stakes for most students. Yes, it can get emotional! Learn ways to help students manage their emotions.

RIA # 129: Zapoura Newton-Calvert & Dr. Deborah Smith Arthur on Capstone Courses This podcast will be valuable for curriculum designers and faculty members in programs that include research-oriented capstone projects.

RIA # 160: Dr. Mary Ellen Dello Stritto and Dr. Stephen Jenkins on Academic Advising Online Even if you work in an on-ground institution, knowing how to advise and coach students online will allow for more flexibility.

RIA # 86: Dr. Laura Gogia on Researching the Student Experience, RIA #58: Dr. Gerd Kortemeyer on Researching Online Learning, and RIA #25: Dr. Patsy Moskal on Research on Distributed Learning and Teaching Effectiveness Want to study your students? Learn how in these podcasts.

RIA # 93: Dr. Katie Linder on Setting Research Goals and RIA # 83: Dr. Katie Linder on Strategies for Organizing Your Research Katie gets more done than any ten normal people, so she clearly knows how to set goals and meet them! These podcasts will be helpful for doctoral students or others planning new research projects.

RIA # 112: Dr. Melanie Nelson on Research Project Management This podcast contains useful advice for new or experienced researchers, including time management and management of collaborative or team research projects.

RIA # 98: Dr. Bonnie Stewart on Opening the Dissertation Learn about ways to open up the dissertation process, to counter what for many is an isolating experience.

RIA # 150: Dr. Bethany Simunich on the Relationship between Research and Assessment, RIA # 143: Dr. Katie Linder on the Report Reader Checklist These podcasts will be of particular interest to research faculty, or others responsible for reviewing research proposals and manuscripts.

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