Teaching to Foster Critical & Creative Thinking

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Critical & Creative ThinkingCritical and Creative Thinking for Researchers is a focus on MethodSpace this September. Previous posts have explored ways we use different thinking skills throughout stages of the research process and offered links to related resource materials.

Learning to Research

As instructors, mentors, or dissertation supervisors, how can we help students develop these habits of mind? These MethodSpace posts offer some ideas about teaching in ways that press students to look beyond the obvious, dig more deeply, and come up with new interpretations. These skills are valuable whether students are beginning their higher education journeys or preparing to design their doctoral studies.

Learn to Question with Using Inquiry Models

Inquiry models build questioning into the learning experience. These teaching approaches are less about telling what and more about asking why. In courses or workshops using these approaches, students can become more comfortable with the steps associated with forming questions and seeking evidence.

Using Inquiry Models to Learn How to Ask Questions

Creating a Culture of Inquiry in the Classroom

Understand Research Using Cases

The second suggestion is to use case methods. Case methods have been commonly used in business and management education. With the SAGE Research Case collection, we can adapt these immersive and interactive approaches to teach research methods. This post illustrates an 8-step process. These steps can be used as the basis for a series of assignments or a course project completed by individuals or teams.

Note that the SAGE Research Cases are a part of the SAGE Research Methods (SRM) library. The collection crosses disciplines and includes a wide range of methodologies and methods. See this Primer about SRM, with a link to a free trial.

A Case for Teaching Methods

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