Telephone interviews in Pakistan @ International Field & Tab

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Following the latest trends and use of technology in gathering the reliable information, International Field & Tab offers its new service i.e. TELiFT to academia and researchers.

The use of the telephone as a technique for contacting respondents and collecting their feedback has achieved its widest acceptance worldwide. In the country like Pakistan, there seems a gigantic growth
in the telecommunication industry over the past few years, resulting
researchers to select scientific selection of respondents across all
cross sections of the society and hence is the launch of TELiFT.

In compliance with the company’s goals to provide Quick, Affordable and Reliable solutions, International Field & Tab ensures a high level of client satisfaction by its matchless cost efficient services.

In order to ascertain the Reliability function, it follows a formal approach in conducting the survey; which includes

  • Scientific selection of respondents
  • Cost Effective mode of Interviewing
  • Quick Analysis & Reporting

The team of highly qualified professionals along with the state-of-the-art equipment aids in achieving the desired targets in a timely fashion.

We believe in providing credible results to our clients and our success in this regard can be judged by their appreciation and high level of satisfaction.

International Field & Tab is an independent outsourcing company providing its Field & Tab services to its clients, academia, scholars, researchers and leading research institutes in regions including Pakistan (South
Asia), Asia Pacific and Middle East. Our professional team has done many projects for clients like Opinion Survey Companies, World Bank, Unicef, Policy Institutes, Private Companies and Government organizations.

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