Theory & Research Design: Recap

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Dr. Sharon Ravitch was our March 2020 Mentor-in-Residence, and what a month it was! We started out thinking that our focus would be on theory and research design, with a well-deserved feature on the new edition of the new edition of Qualitative Research: Bridging the Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological. However, the world had other plans! News and repercussions related to the Covid-19 pandemic soon consumed us all.

Dr. Ravitch did not miss a beat. In addition to her practical, thoughtful posts on topics related to theory and design, she also offered posts about the shift to online learning in an environment where students and faculty are experiencing disruption, fear, and trauma.

In case you were busy trying to find toilet paper or making your own masks, here is the entire series of posts from Dr. Ravitch and other contributors, including previous MethodSpace mentors, Steven Wallis and Bernadette Wright.

Theory and Research Design

Open Access SAGE Journal Articles

Academic Life & Covid-19


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