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In June and July MethodSpace focused on research-oriented careers including career purpose and goals, skills, as well as expected and unexpected transitions. Find the whole series of posts here.

If you are thinking about an academic or research-oriented career, getting published in a scholarly journal is beneficial. Here are some open access resources that might help you understand and work with the editorial and review processes:

First, check out “Behind the Scenes of Journal Decisions from the SAGE Journals Blog. The writer, Geraldine S. Pearson, is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Psychiatric Nursing. The article is relevant to prospective writers from any discipline.

Next, “Read Human Relations; every paper should have a soul,” an interview with the incoming editor-in-chief of the journal Human Relations. This SAGE Journals Blog post gives you an idea of the thought processes that go into creating a culture and editorial expectations for a journal. When you are evaluating journals, look for editorials or mission statements that convey the larger purpose they are trying to achieve.

MethodSpace has offered a number of posts from the editorial perspective. See:

You can also find resources about writing journal articles in this SAGE Research Methods Reading List:

To access the SAGE e-books, articles, case studies, videos, and datasets mentioned in the Reading List, explore SAGE Research Methods through your academic library, or with a free trial.

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