Dec. Focus: Trust & Credibility in Our Research Roles

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How do we build trust and credibility as researchers?

December focus on trust and credibility

We started 2020 with a focus on integrity and researchers’ roles. That was back in the BC– before Covid – time. Now we will revisit some of those themes, and take a further step.

In the Covid era we increasingly rely on connections established and maintained online. Whether they are gatekeepers or potential participants, editors or co-authors, we must build relationships with people we can’t meet in person.  Somehow, we need to present ourselves in a way that invites others to see us as trustworthy. Then, to create real impact with our research, we need to do a better job with differentiation between empirical, peer-reviewed findings and misinformation or opinion.

To do so, we need to move beyond a constrained definition of research ethics and think about researcher ethics! These are questions we will focus on in with original posts, interviews, and resources in December on SAGE Find the unfolding series here.

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