Trying to teach in the Covid era? Need FLUX pedagogy?

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In March, when classes were suddenly shifting online due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Dr. Sharon Ravitch was the Mentor in Residence. She originally planned to write about theory, but we saw a more imminent need in the academic community. I asked her to consider new ways of thinking about teaching — for research methods and other topics.

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She responded with a thought-provoking post, and the ideas took flight! You can read a follow-up article on the Harvard Business Publishing Education page: “Why Teaching Through Crisis Requires a Radical New Mindset: Introducing Flux Pedagogy.“ Now you have a chance to learn with her, in a 3-session online course for educators offered by the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

This is the pedagogy for our time.

Ravitch powerfully acknowledges the difficult context in which today’s students are learning. The key primary dimensions are:

1) Trauma-Informed Pedagogy;
2) Emergent Design, Student-Centered, Active Teaching;
3) Inquiry as Stance;
4) Critical Pedagogy;
5) Racial Literacy Pedagogy; and
6) Brave Space Pedagogy.

Learn Flux Pedagogy with Dr. Ravitch

Flux Pedagogy: Transformative Leadership in Times of Inequity equips leaders with the framework and skills to foster an equitable, responsive, and trauma-informed learning environment. Developed to support educational leaders, this Institute uses Dr. Sharon Ravitch’s Flux Pedagogy Framework to explore the dimensions of leadership one should consider during this time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 – Thursday, January 21, 2021
3 synchronous online sessions
Click here for information and registration.

Dimensions covered in the Flux Pedagogy Framework include:

  • Radical Growth Mindset
  • Distributed Wisdom Approach
  • Inquiry Stance
  • Trauma-informed Pedagogy
  • Radical Compassion and Radical Self-Care
  • Responsive and Humanizing Pedagogy
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Racial Literacy
  • Brave Space Pedagogy
  • Emotional Imagination and Inner Resource Cultivation

Through active group discussions and individualized assignments, participants will engage in hands-on, solution-focused, collaborative and person-centered learning. This Institute is a space for leaders to explore and practice transformation in a safe environment with peers. Participants will leave this Institute equipped with practical strategies and tangible resources to develop and foster a more equity- and inquiry-based educational environment.

Participants will walk away with a framework and skills to:

  • Use a radical growth mindset and enact leader learning agility
  • Lead trauma-informed organizations
  • Enact a responsive and inquiry-based leadership approach
  • Prioritize leader and community wellness
  • Develop racial literacy and norms for equitable organizations

Dr. Sharon RavitchProfessor of Practice, Teaching, Learning, and LeadershipPrincipal Investigator, Semillas Digitales InitiativeCo-Founder, Penn’s Inter-American Educational Leadership NetworkPenn Graduate School of Education 

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