A Twitter Discussion of Big Data in Social Science

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“In your opinion which data science tools provide the most value to researchers?” This question kicked off the Q&A on @SAGE_Methods with Katie Metzler, head of methods innovation, and Ian, head of product innovation, two members of the team behind SAGE Campus online courses. You can read the full Q&A and see what they have to say about big data, data science in the social sciences and online data science courses.

2 thoughts on “A Twitter Discussion of Big Data in Social Science

  1. Social science is important for our social improvement. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Big statistics is a large and overused time period. It is simple to neglect that statistics are collections of values that permit us to understand the subject it’s far describing more without problems or greater completely. It is the shape that conversation takes among the natural business intelligence world and the technological world. How will we translate climate into a digestible human form? Through a chunk of hardware that measures a bodily instance and represents it to us as a number of — or a information factor.

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