UK Data Service workshop will help you write a data management plan and managing, organising and store your research data safely

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Are you interested in how to write a data management plan? Are you comfortable with managing, organising and storing your research data safely? Do you know how to effectively document and organise your research data? Do you know the best practices for gaining informed consent from participants when your research involves people? Do you know how to deposit and publish your data with the UK Data Service or another data repository?


This two-day workshop, hosted by the Sheffield Methods Institute and the University of Sheffield Library, will address these questions and more using a mixture of presentations and hands-on practical exercises. It will help improve your knowledge and skills on creating shareable social science research data, managing that data, and the archiving and publishing of that data at the end of your research project. This workshop is designed for ESRC grant holders and researchers who are expected to archive their data with the UK Data Service for future reuse at the end of their project, but also other researchers interested in publishing data to make them available for reuse or as evidence for a published paper will benefit from this workshop.

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