User testing at Cranfield

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I visited the University of Cranfield‘s Management School last week to carry out some user testing with our latest round of wire frames and first set of product design pages.

I met with six different people working in a range of different areas, from PhD students to doctorate fellows to lecturers and received some great feedback.

There was lots of positive feedback to the Methods Map that we are working on: a visual map of social science research methods that you can explore to see links between methods. I think the individuals we spoke to were excited that they would be able to quickly see the key academics, authors and philosophers related to each method.

We heard that, despite the fact that books will be accessed online, it is still very important for researchers to cite the print book and be able to quickly see the print page numbers in the text that they are reading – taking this onboard moving forward.

Very positive responses to the early designs, that they are clean, clear and attractive so that is great news – hoping to share with you all soon!

I wanted to send out a big thank you to Mary and Heather who work for the Library at Cranfield and set up the day – it takes quite a bit of organising and is very much appreciated!

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