Using Social Media for Research Podcast

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In June MethodSpace is focusing on Collecting Data with Digital or Virtual Methods. Explore the whole 2021 series on stages of the research process: Finding the Question,  Choosing Methodology and MethodsDesigning an Ethical StudyCollecting Data from & with Participants, and Finding Data in Documents and Datasets.

In this episode, podcaster Suzanne Albary and their guest will thinking about how we might use social media to gather research data. They’ll also talk briefly about netnography, and in our interview for this week, with Kerry Jordan-Daus, we’ll hear some of the issues with this particular methodology.

Also see Suzanne Albary and Helen Kara on Researchers on Ethics: Video & Podcast. Further resources on using online research methods can be found courtesy of the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group and the National Centre for Research Methods.

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