Video: 10 Steps for Doing a Literature Review

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“A literature review is not necessarily the easiest thing to do,” says Dr. Zina O’Leary, “but it is something that you can tackle if you’re systematic.” And so in this video O’Leary, a senior fellow at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and author of several SAGE Publishing texts including The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Projectoffers 10 tips for systematically addressing this fundamental if sometimes unsexy part of the research process.

The video –which you can watch for free by clicking here — is part of SAGE Research Methods Video. It’s an extensive collection, with hundreds of titles and almost 200 hours of total video.

This month SAGE has launched a new collection of videos, Practical Research and Academic Skills. Building upon SAGE’s extensive history of methods publishing across the wide range of the social and behavioral sciences, the videos teach the foundational skills needed to conduct research at any level and to succeed in academic life.

The new collection includes 440 videos and 62 hours of content and was designed to give students and researchers the basic instruction and the confidence needed to successfully complete research projects and the skills to accelerate their professional development. Topics covered in the videos include:

  • Project Management
  • Writing a research proposal
  • Securing ethical approval
  • Writing for publication
  • Computer applications
  • Applied research
  • Research careers & building networks
  • Presenting at conferences
  • Building Networks
  • and many more topics

SAGE Video offerings are close captioned but also include a searchable transcript that’s clickable to that point in the video, so as O’Leary rolls out her 10 tips, you can go directly there in the video by clicking on the text. They also include citation information and the ability to make your own clips from the longer video. You can share via e-mail or social media, save to a playlist, and speed up of slow down play.

Zina video snip

Zina O’Leary acknowledges that there may be some stress involved in doing a literature review, but she also notes that in an age of Google, a lot of the fundamental skills processes may be a lot easier than they were in the age of card catalogs.

To view this particular video, for free, click here.

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