Video: ‘Big Data New Skills’ Panel at RC33

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How will innovations in research methods and the new data environment impact teaching and research? That was the underlying question during a panel discussion hosted by SAGE Publishing at the 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology.

The conference, held every four years under the auspices of the International Sociological Association  Research Committee RC33 on Logic and Methodology, took place in mid-September at the University of Leicester.

“Big Data, New Skills” asked its panel of academic experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing research and teaching skills in this new world of big data analytics, from research methodology to study design and interpretation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, data curation and dissemination, visualization, replication, and research ethics.

The panel was chaired by Dr Jerry Coulton and panelists for the debate were Professor Henrietta O’Connor, Professor Barbara Kawulich, Dr Mark Carrigan, Professor Nigel Fielding, Dr Kingsley Purdam, and Dr Vera Toepool.

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