Video: Key Skills in Writing a Qualitative Research Proposal

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“No matter what your research goal, all research proposals present three common elements,” says qualitative methodology professor Nathan Durdella in the video segment below. “These are the introduction, the background or literature review, and the approach or methodology.”

Durdella is an associate professor at California State University Northridge where he teaches graduate-level courses in action research, academic planning, and qualitative research methods. He’s used his experiences as a student and a professor to write Qualitative Dissertation Methodology: A Guide for Research Design and Methods, a SAGE Publishing book that walks students through the process of creating a qualitative methodological framework for their dissertations.

In this video—which is part of SAGE Research Methods Video—Durdella goes over some key concepts from his book. He guides viewers though framing research questions, connecting research to relevant literature reviews and designing methods of collecting and analyzing data.

“My final advice to you is this. Be open to changes in your qualitative research question as events unfold in the field and conditions change,” he concludes. “As this happens, it’s important for you to be flexible and open to changing your research question and updating it to reflect, perhaps, a new group, or a new setting.”

SAGE Video offerings are close captioned but also include a searchable transcript that’s clickable to that point in the video, so when Durdella breaks down the steps of writing a research proposal, you can navigate there in the video by clicking the text. They also include citation information and the ability to make your own clips from the longer video. You can share via e-mail or social media, save to a playlist, and speed up or slow down play.

Nathan Durdella

Nathan Durdella explains that a proposal is a “plan for a systematic investigation [that] maps to where you want to go in the study and plots where you are at as a researcher.”

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