Visual Methods Resources and SRM Open House

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The Virtual Open House is your opportunity to access resources on SAGE Research Methods, and learn to use them here. 

Visit with this special Open House log-in from February 1 to March 18.
Username: SRMbundle
Password: winter2018 (Use the Institution login button)

visual communication

We increasingly share our thoughts visually, given that phones and devices now make it easy to take or create pictures and share them. Researchers have known about the power of pictures for a long time, and have used images in data collection as well as in the presentation of results.

You can find posts on Methodspace that explore visual methods and data visualization. If you would like to learn more, use your Open House log-in to access the SAGE Research Methods library. You can start your search by looking at this Visual Methods Reading List. This list contains books, chapters, case studies, videos, and datasets. If you find more resources on visual methods, create and share your own Reading List!


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