Webinar recording: When the ‘Field’ is Online – Qualitative Data Collection

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Given the changes we are all experiencing given the COVID-19 pandemic, MethodSpace is also offering guidance and resources about online instruction and research. This post contains a link to a detailed how-to guide for leading videoconferences for educational and professional purposes. Find more help here.

Need to rethink research plans?
View the webinar recording!

This webinar was hosted by Nvivo, as part of their efforts to help researchers deal with disruption in this challenging pandemic. The enrollment was about 5 times what the platform would allow, and it crashed twice during the event! However, they were able to piece the recordings together, and it is now available to view.

Visit Nvivo’s webinar archive to view the recording.

Over 180 questions were posed, and additional ones were added on MethodSpace. I am answering them in a series we’re calling “your burning questions.” You can post any question about research disruption; it is not limited to qualitative online research questions. We’ll do our best to find answers in SAGE resources and our network of experts. Q & As will continue to be added here, so visit and ask your questions.

Time to try online data collection with participants?

The focus will be on qualitative research methods and ethics for online interviews, focus groups, or participant observation. I’ll offer practical tips for those who are having to re-orient research proposals and designs.

Learn more!

Find Doing Qualitative Research Online, Qualitative Online Interviews, Gather Your Data Online, and Cases in Online Interview Research from SAGE Publications, or your favorite bookseller. Some of these books are available in the SAGE Research Methods Online database.

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  1. Hello . Am a PHD student and am collecting data currently. I want to use NVivo for transcribing and analyzing my data. I have never used NVivo. Do you have a team that can help me handle this work using NVivo? How much will it cost me?


  2. Both suggestions are excellent, however, you might consider using the computers at either a public library or at a Family History Center for access to some subscription sites. Also, the site Familysearch.org has a research tips tab, that is a tutorial and has some excellent at https://winningamerica.us/ research tips for researching slave families.

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