What is a “holistic publication strategy”?

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MethodSpace button-acwrimoAcademic Writing Month is a focus in November. The theme for AcWriMo 2018 on SAGE MethodSpace is: Create a Holistic Publication Strategy.  

AcWriMo is a time when we are motivated by fellow writers across the globe. Writing is often a solitary activity, so the camaraderie is welcome. It is a time to share strategies for overcoming obstacles that keep us from meeting our goals. Experienced writers and experts offer resources and practical tips. MethodSpace was a hub for resources during AcWriMo 2017, and you can find the whole collection here: Write with Purpose, Publish for Impact.

This year we will do something a little bit different. We are encouraging you to think about your own big picture, and how to paint it. There are many options for sharing ideas and disseminating findings. They require us to do more than write– because some involve visuals, media, and/or communications technologies.

During MethodSpace AcWriMo you will find original posts and open access resources about all of these options. We are encouraging you to look for synergies among the options that best fit your work, so that choices are mutually-reinforcing. We hope that instead of feeling that you are being pulled in too many directions, you will find a sense of coherence in your writing activities. We’ll call that coherent plan a holistic publication strategy.

A holistic publication strategy is a thoughtful plan of action for aligning career goals with publication options.

As a visual communicator, I like using mind maps to illustrate ideas and relationships. In this map I laid out four broad categories: books, articles, online or visual/media communications. Within each category, I suggest types of work, and roles. You might identify the roles you will take, those collaborators or co-authors might take, and those you need to hire someone else to do.

Holistic Publication Strategy

My own strategy involves writing books and blogs. I am not in a career situation where scholarly articles are crucial, so I generally prefer the substantive writing involved with books. I also like the immediacy of blogging, offered here on MethodSpace, and as a guest on the Textbook and Academic Authors Association blog, Abstract, and others. For both books and blogs I create a lot of visuals, including drawings, diagrams, photography, and media. I am mostly DIY , so I either do the art and tech steps myself, or together with co-authors.

Publication Holistic-Janet

What is your strategy? Download the Publication Strategy map and annotate it to start sketching your own. If you’d like feedback, post it in the comment area.

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