What kind of researcher are YOU?

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My new Little Quick Fix book, What Kind of Researcher Are You, fit the focus on Trust and Credibility for December, 2020.

It also fits with the focus on research ethics for March 2021. This short book asks us to hold up the mirror. How do we act– whether alone in front of our computers, when working with others, or when sharing findings?

Being trustworthy is important, not only for the credibility of our own research, but for the field as a whole. In a fact-challenged world, we need to show that empirical research has a unique value. If we want professionals, practitioners, and the general public to value our contributions, we need to exemplify high standards.

As MethodSpace readers know, I frequently interview authors and researchers. This time Aly Owen, the SAGE editor who invited me to write this book, interviewed me. Take a look!

Here is the table of contents:

Section 1: What does it mean to be a researcher who acts with integrity?  
Section 2: What mindsets and thinking skills do researchers need?  
Section 3: What communication skills do researchers need?  
Section 4: How do I collaborate fearlessly as a co-researcher or co-author?  
Section 5: Why is it important to take a position in relation to my research? 

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