What”s in a name?

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We’ve been scratching our heads over what to call our product as some of the team is getting excited about beginning to pull together marketing material. So many things to take into account:

– it really has to last for ever
– should we have a transparant name, or a symbolic one?
– taking into account SAGE branding guidelines and legacy names for our online products
– thinking about how best to optimise our search engine results
– planning where it will be displayed and the impact that will have: on the site, on brochures, in written correspondence like emails and blogs
– if we use a long name, should we have an abreviation

After many conversations and quite a few meetings we’ve (just about) decided to call our research tool SAGE Research Methods Online. The name is transparent and we hope will help to easily communicate to individuals what the product actually is; the name works alonside the patternf or our other online products (SAGE journals online, SAGE reference online); and it should really help us to optimise search engine results for individuals searching Google, Yahoo et al for information on research methods.

The challenge with the name is that it is v e r y l o o o n g!! (I can even sometimes get tired of writing it!) So we are looking to abbreviate it to SRMO – this should help with anyone writing about it in email correspondence or even talking about it (on a lazy day).

Now we’re turning to focus on logos, designs, images as we prepare for the design phase of the product build. There are ideas to use a speech bubble like we have here on MethodSpace to hold SRMO in, a key, an arrow. Any other thoughts about icons that might represent research methods for us to use?

We’ve even had a bit of a giggle with the idea of creating SirMo to lead us into the breach.

(join the SAGE Research Methods Online Group here http://www.methodspace.com/group/sageresearchmethodsonline)