Winners Selected for Little Green Books Photo Contest

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A research analyst in New York and an associate professor in Ohio have won a contest in which SAGE Publishing asked individuals to picture”What have the ‘little green books’ meant to you?” The contest celebrated  the 40th anniversary of SAGE’s Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series, popularly known as the ‘little green books.’

For those unacquainted with the 96-page books, with their combination of innovative approach, scholarly attention, discipline-defining pedagogy, quality presentation, and affordable price, were an instant and enduring hit from their debut. They earned their name because each had a simple green cover, and since then university offices across the planet feature a collection of the green-spined volumes, often numbering into the dozens. (There are more than 160 titles.)

The grand prize winner is Vanessa Joi Paul, a research analyst who submitted on behalf of the CUNY Office of Research, Evaluation, and Program Support. She recives 40 volumes from the QASS series for her win.


“Little Green Books Make a Difference”

Strong, diverse methods drive strong evaluation and research. With Little Green Books, our analysts can better support programs that improve educational and life outcomes for New York City’s youth and adults. Strong methods = program improvements = impacts we’re proud of!

Honorable mention goes to Ana Lourdes Rosado Feger an associate professor at Ohio University. She receives 15 little green books.


“Rise of the Phoenix”

I entered my doctoral program completely unprepared to do social science research.  My advisor introduced me to little green books that helped me navigate my way through an alien landscape. Today I read through Nonparametric Statistics for a project.

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As part of the QASS 40th Anniversary celebration, SAGE has been sharing wisdom from the books and facts about the series itself on @SAGE_Methods using #LittleGreenFacts. These are collected in the slideshow below.

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