Women telling their own stories in action research

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The MethodSpace focus for October is on Action Research. Our Mentors-in-Residence this month are Ernie Stringer and Alfredo Ortiz Aragon, co-authors of a new edition of the text Action Research. You can find the unfolding series of posts through  this link.

Despite extensive previous experience working in community development, Ros Beadle found herself out of her comfort zone when she first started to work as a community support worker in a very remote Australian Aboriginal community in 2009. As she indicates in this conversation with Ernie Stringer, action research processes provided her with the means to assist a group of Aboriginal women to engage in significant activities that greatly enhanced their capacity to make a real difference in their lives. Building on the women’s momentum and enthusiasm for telling stories about their experiences in a range of mediums, the women assisted Ros to find a way for their stories to form the basis for her own dissertation research.

Ros Beadle is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Centre for Remote Health, Flinders University (in Alice Springs).

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