“Write a Book” Webinar Recording & Slides

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Using the tag #AcWriMo, writers around the world discuss their goals and progress, and share resources throughout November.  Find the evolving series here. If you log into MethodSpace, you will be subscribed and receive new posts by email.

We offered a webinar, Write a Book! From Acquisition to Publication, with Leah Fargotstein, SAGE Acquisitions Editor for Research Methods, Statistics, Evaluation, and Education, and Eric Garner, Managing Editor of US books production at SAGE. Michael Todd, Social Science Communications Manager, introduced the webinar, and yours truly, MethodSpace Methods Guru, contributed a writer’s perspective.

Recording Link


The slides are available for download here.


We received more questions than we had time to answer! Find responses and resources on MethodSpace over the coming week by following the Q & A tag.  You can post additional questions using the comment area below.

Also, during the webinar we mentioned writing-specific resources from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association. They responded by generously offering webinar attendees and MethodSpace readers a $10 off for membership discount using the promo code SAGEAWM at www.taaonline.net/join.

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