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Using the tag #AcWriMo, writers around the world discuss their goals and progress, and share resources throughout November.  On SAGE MethodSpace, we are collaborating with the Textbook and Academic Authors Association to share original posts, resources, examples, tips, and encouragement. We’ll also offer Tweetchats and a webinar that allow us to learn from each other, as well as from published authors, editors, and experts in the field. Find the evolving series here. If you log into MethodSpace, you will be subscribed and receive new posts by email.

So you want to write a book?

Do you want to go it alone or collaborate? Do you want to focus on writing, or do you prefer to organize and manage a project based largely on others’ writings? Throughout AcWriMo you will find posts on MethodSpace that delve into these various ways of creating books.

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