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We can’t all attend every conference, so as possible, MethodSpace includes stories and resources from relevant meetings. This post relates to the recent conference for the Textbook and Academic Authors Association, held in Philadelphia.

The Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) is unique. At the annual conference, someone writing about concrete sits next to someone writing about music. The common factor that transcends discipline? Writing. This is a singular place where everyone appreciates the immodest thrill that comes when you see your name in print, and all understand the difficulties associated with the need to carve writing time out of our full days and weeks. At this year’s conference in Philadelphia, sessions focused on nuts-and-bolts issues such as contracts, royalties, and technology tools. We learned about trends and changes in the publishing industry and academic, and related implications for textbook and academic authors. I’ll be sharing some lessons learned, as well as my own presentations, in future posts.

SAGE Writers were honored!

An award from TAA is significant, in that writers choose which writers to recognize. Through a rigorous peer review they look at writing, organization and pedagogical features, ancillary or other resources. These are the SAGE books recognized by TAA in 2019. Congratulations to all!

2019 McGuffey Longevity Award Winner
Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods, 6th ed.
By Robert K. Yin 

2019 Textbook Excellence Award Winners
Introduction to Social Work: An Advocacy-Based Profession, 2nd ed.
By Lisa E. Cox, Carolyn J. Tice, and Dennis D. Long

IR: International, Economic, and Human Security in a Changing World,
3rd ed.
By James M. Scott, Ralph G. Carter, and A. Cooper Drury

The CQ Press Guide to Writing in Public Policy, 1st ed.
By Andrew Pennock

2019 Most Promising New Textbook Award Winners

Introduction to Strategic Public Relations: Digital, Global, and Socially Responsible Communication, 1st ed.
By Janis Teruggi Page and Lawrence J. Parnell

Social Psychology, 1st ed.
By Tom Heinzen and Wind Goodfriend

Sociology in Action, 1st ed.
By Kathleen Odell Korgen and Maxine P. Atkinson


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