YOUR Graphical or Video Abstracts?

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We’re exploring graphical or video abstracts as part of an extended series of posts about creative ways to conduct and disseminate research. You can view an interview with Dr. Tullio Rossi from Animate Your Science, and read posts that include criteria for assessing graphical or video abstracts.

Before I’d ever met Dr. Rossi, I created a video abstract of sorts about my book, Qualitative Online Interviews. The title changed for the second, expanded edition, so I thought it would be useful to explain key concepts discussed in the book. By today’s standards it is pretty simple– just narration over slides. Still, it communicated the message, and became the basis for webinars and presentations about online research.

Have you created a video or graphical abstract?

Use the comment area or message me with a link to your example, and a few sentences about what you were trying to achieve.

Have you tried to explain your book or article with some type of open access media? Whether your experiments were funky DIY or professionally produced, simple or jazzy, share them with the MethodSpace community so we can learn from each other. Submit by July 8 and I will create a MethodSpace post with the most interesting and creative abstracts.

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