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Selected reading

Three questions about qualitative research answered

By Lisa M. Given

What are the researcher’s ethical responsibilities in qualitative practice? What kinds of ethics challenges do qualitative researchers face, typically? How can I use documents in my qualitative study?

Lisa M. Given answers these three questions, and 97 more, in…

Data Preparation: Analysing Quantitative Data

By Raymond A Kent

“Before quantitative data that have been constructed by researchers can be analysed using techniques appropriate for pursuing the objectives of the research, they need to be prepared in various ways to make them ready for analysis. In their raw form, captured data…

Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research

This special issue of the Journal of Management, produced with guest editors Michael J. Zyphur, Frederick L. Oswald and Deborah E. Rupp, features three commentaries by renowned experts in statistics, probability, and their current and historical applications on Bayesian estimation and inference's role in organizational research.

The topics covered relate to (a) the apparent desire for…

Measures of Variability

By Howard T Tokunaga

This chapter introduces measures of variability, which are designed to represent the amount of differences in a distribution of data. In this chapter, we will present and evaluate different measures of variability in terms of their relative strengths and weaknesses”

This chapter features in Fundamental Statistics for the Social and Behavioural Sciences, which…

Critical Race Theory in Education: A Review of Past Literature and a Look to the Future

By María C. Ledesma & Dolores Calderón

This article from the journal Qualitative Inquiry examines the development of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in education, paying attention to…

Blog Posts

online courses on research methods

this is to let you know about the university of florida's online summer program of courses on research methods in anthropology. these methods courses are for all social scientists, including students and professionals.

these courses combine online lectures and exercises with interactive sessions, and are limited to 20 participants each.

five courses are offered this summer:

(may 11-june 19)

text analysis

network analysis

methods of behavioral…


Posted by H. Russell Bernard on March 23, 2015 at 0:27

Focusing on Average Treatment Impacts May Underestimate Program Impacts

This post is based on the article "Reconsidering findings of “no effects” in randomized control trials: Modeling differences in treatment impacts" by Brad Chaney. The article appears online at the American Journal of Evaluation.

When impacts vary from one…


Posted by SAGE Publications on March 17, 2015 at 20:31

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to a Fickle Friend, the P Value?

By Lewis Halsey

This article by Lewis Halsey originally appeared at The Conversation under the title “Goodbye P value: is it time to let go of one of science's most fundamental measures?”

How should scientists interpret their data? Emerging from their labs…


Posted by SAGE Publications on March 17, 2015 at 20:00

Grants for IPSA-NUS Methods School (Deadline: April 1, 2015)

The 4th Annual IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods will be held at the National University of Singapore, June 8-19, 2015.

The Methods School offers several merit and need-based grants to participants. Preference is given to self-funded graduate students, who require specialized methodological skills in order to complete their dissertation research.

Deadline for financial aid applications: April 1, 2015…


Posted by Tobias Hofmann on March 9, 2015 at 8:00

Learn how to embrace social media


***Read the event blog here***

Should social science researchers embrace social media and, if we do, what are the implications for our methods and practice?

We know that social media tools are increasingly being used to as part of the social sciences. The nature of these tools means that it is a fast changing environment, with new practices emerging all the time. Despite this, there is limited interaction between practitioners or synthesis of different methods. There are also few opportunities to reflect on the implications of social media tools for our subjects of study, methods and ethics. Our network of methodological innovation brings together academics, researchers and research stakeholders in a community of practice with members drawn from the cutting-edge of academia, market research and applied social research.

The network is led by NatCen Social Research, SAGE and the Oxford Internet Institute, and funded by the NCRM. It’s hosted over several different platforms, including Methodspace, Blogspot, Twitter and YouTube, and will run over 12 months.

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Brendan Keegan posted a discussion

Temporality in Qualitative Research

Hi All, I'm considering the concept of Temporality within a Phd thesis, specifically, Method and Findings Chapters.The initial qualitative interviews were conducted in 2010 with a sample of participants with limited knowledge on the topic. Latter interviews (2011-Present) have show much improved knowledge of the topic, with much more sophisticated responses due to technological and experiential improvements in practice. While this is not a longitudinal study (all different cases) I'm trying to…See More



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